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D&R Tobacco, available at our online store
Available in the Online Store

D&R Tobacco

D&R Tobacco has developed an impressive selection of RYO premium tobaccos since their inception in 1992 and has been a source for making your own premium, yet economical cigarettes. They offer their customers, both the "Make-Your-Own" (MYO) and the "Roll-Your-Own" (RYO) market, with products such as RAMBACK Turkish Blend Tobacco, ROWLAND Tobacco, VENGEUR Tobacco, WINDSAIL Tobacco and WINGATE Tobacco. The MYO (stuffing/injection) technique uses a "tube" which looks like a manufactured cigarette without tobacco and D&R has developed a White Tip cigarette tube for this market called WINDSAIL. With either MYO or RYO formats, you're a winner with D&R Tobacco. We hope you enjoy our online store and make D&R products the choice for your MYO and RYO cigarette making supplies. Browse through our site to find the D&R products for making your own premium quality cigarettes.


Unfortunately, the political climate has changed so dramatically this year that D&R has been forced to change their focus away from RYO/MYO in order to continue to offer their premium blends at affordable prices to their tobacco customers.

Most of their lineup remains intact, offering the majority of their familiar blends that customers know and love in a new pipe tobacco cut. Customers will find the new cut suitable for dual-purpose usage that work well and burn cool in either a PIPE or CIGARETTE.


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